We are Mediaberg, a branding, design and WordPress agency. Our prices are significantly lower than the world-famous brands, but our quality and standards exceed the level of the rest!

Visualize success

Affordable solutions for mid-sized and start-up business

In a world plagued by pandemics and war, purchasing power and financial stability are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Your business needs swift and innovative solutions to stay on top of success or to get there! Our small creative team will quickly solve your problems to increase profitability for you. We are ready to create all necessary tools for your company to make your business well-known and credible to your potential clients.

💬 We create branding, digital products, print and web design!

We specialize in the visual presentation of products and services in digital or print media through design and user logic; and as you know, any UX UI design project includes branding as an integral part. Design includes brand and visual strategy, logo design, graphic design, video design, responsive web design and style guide development.
Many clients come to us with an already prepared branding or even a complete visual strategy package. In such cases, we use existing work, so we do not change the basis of the message. We strive, using our maximum effort to achieve success for the company and at the same time to honor its vision and core values.

In our work with WordPress, wea are superior to other agencies that focus on small and mid-sized businesses for the fact that we never use ready-made templates and themes.
If it is feasible, we will use premium plugins that are already on the market and are regularly updated. This helps to maintain compatibility with other plugins and WordPress itself. We aim to use these existing plugins for our clients’ projects to ensure that our clients do not incur any additional expenses. There are many premium plugins in the market that are updated for free by their developers. Our process involves turning off the styles and themes of WordPress ,so we can create our own design, independent of any boundaries that are found in ready-made themes or templates. We also limit the use of our own code in our work, to improve the flexibility and compatibility of all parts of the platform. Instead, we create the entire interface UX UI by using well-known visual editors for WordPress such as Elementor and Divi.
Our design is user friendly and allows our clients to fully control and even modify parts of the responsive design without the need to possess any programing knowledge. 

We develop software, web applications and mobile applications. If we can not find a ready-made solution for your project, we are ready to develop your project starting with a clean slate. During development we actively communicate with the client to ensure that our work meets their expectations by 100%. Depending on the contract, we may also recognize your project under your brand, so your clients would think this project was developed by you.

As website developers, we are well versed in what it takes to make a website attractive to search engines. We actively optimize your website for search engines such as Google, Yandex, Bing. For optimization we use the text, image and source code improvements. In addition, we use various technologies like Shema, XML, Open Graph, etc.
Sometimes to improve positions in search engines, it is necessary to freshen up the design of websites as well. We are able to enhance your site to bring it to the first page of search results.

According to the marketing department of the leading search engine “Google”, the best results in the promotion of goods and services are achieved by multi-channel advertising. This involves advertising in search engines, social networks and advertising on bloggers’ websites in form of articles. Running these concurrently, greatly increases the popularity of the brand and the number of visits.
We recognize the fact that the best practice to reach highest conversion rate, is to use specially optimized sales funnels for multichannel marketing. That way we not only generate high traffic, but also ensure that potential customers leave their details on the site or contact the sales department.

💬 Our clients say:

Many agencies have offered their services to us, but we will always stick to this one. Our clients and we ourselves love the websites they create. We are delighted with the process of designs creation at MEDIABERG. In our personal panel we can always see the progress of the project. Any request of ours is implemented in the best way. The most important thing is, that we are always understood and the client is always right. This agency really fulfills its promises!
Ludmila Konkina
Owner of Erlomed, Germany
Super great service, highly professional, extremely responsive – and fast! Also using latest tools and technology, very creative, aesthetics design, good ideas – terrific company to meet, will certainly stay with them for the website development etc.
Anja Fiedler
afc - Founder & CEO / Interim Management, Switzerland
We highly recommend Mediaberg Agency for all your design needs. They took the time to understand what we needed and went above and beyond to provide it. They gave professional service but treated us like family. It is so nice to deal with caring nice people who know their business well!
Daniel Bressel
Owner of Captain Car Key, New York
I definitely highly recommend this company as I had a very good experience with their overall performance and customer service. Our website was created in a very short time in a very user-friendly and highly professional way; moreover, the proposed design was very appealing. Best of all, however, was that we could rely on straightforward and very flexible advice whenever we needed it - and all for a very fair price. The fact that the service was also always very friendly will make me use the firm's services in the future.
Prof. Dr. S. Henn
HiTh Project Leader, University Jena, Germany
I have worked with many design agencies, but none was like MEDIABERG. Absolutely professional, at the same time outstanding creative performance and also very very friendly :). I was always impressed by the agency and can only recommend MEDIABERG!
Alexander Kinderknecht
Founder and Head of Web-Shop-Hosting, Berlin
Annually this agency modernizes my website and I am always amazed by the new designs that they produce. From the first phone call to the final touches, everything great!
Sven Kittel
Owner of DentCar, Leipzig

Mediaberg is a full-service agency. We are here to develop the best solutions for your start-up or running business. Our mission is to maintain affordability while keeping quality standards as high as world-renown agencies.

About Mediaberg

17+ years in business

6 designers and developers


In our work, we will never copy-paste the same design foundations. We always make sure to do something new and original for each client. We promptly answer your emails with responses to your questions, promptly and efficiently as we know your time is valuable. If you work with us, we work for you to handle all of the minute details so not to disrupt your everyday workflow. We are 100% dedicated to concentrate on your work and are not the type of company that employs the use of beanbag chairs, or meditation corners. We run our team, not as hippie commune, but as a serious business that is always prioritizing our clients.

We are multilingual agency and capable to work in English, German, Russian and Hebrew languages. Our work is fast and affordable, and we are easy to reach. We have fresh ideas, high quality standards, state-of-the-art technology and we truly care for our clients. Our team is able to work independently to find gaps in your marketing concept and fill them. You can consider us as partners in your business. For this reason, we offer a full range of services, bonus add-ons and flexible billing.

Team up with us!
Your investment, coupled with our experience and efforts to make your project a success, provides a lifetime of benefits. Together we will reach your goals. Contact us for a proposal for any size project you have in mind, and we will discuss the price and payment options. Small tasks will be billed hourly, but for larger projects we offer reasonable discounts.
Our rates span from $50/hour to $150/hour and depend on the job type.

Fulfilling the payment, provides a client with owner rights on the work that is ordered. We only retain the creator rights. This includes, but not limited to, the ability to display the work in our portfolio. Exceptions are made for outsourced contracts. Depending on the project and our agreement, the source files will be delivered to the client after successful payment.

We work with the best printing companies worldwide. These companies not only have top quality, but also low prices. So, if you do not have a preferred local company to print your materials, we will be happy to send you all the items from our local partners shipped directly to your address.

Yes, in fact we have already successfully developed over 150 projects for clients of other agencies. From the very beginning of the collaboration, we sign a confidentiality agreement. We will never include any work made for other agencies into our own portfolio, nor will we try to approach the clients of the ordering party directly. All the source files and licenses will be delivered to the ordering party after fulfilling the payment.

Of course, we can help with this too. Our branding experts are well experienced in many industries. After carefully analyzing the competition, we work out a strategy to market your product or service and come up with a name that will make your business competitive and stand out in the eyes of customers.

Many of our clients choose our servers. They are managed by our IT Experts.  We have a comprehensive infrastructure for any type of web app or software. As a part of the WordPress offer, we advise our clients to host their websites using our custom-made WordPress hosting service.